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Sema Lo

Sema Lo, formerly known as Badawi Poa, is a creative soul living, breathing and hustling in between the worlds of Germany and Tanzania. Rapping in Kiswahili, German and English and when time allows, blowing the trombone, he has been a jamming artist on Zanzibar Island for the last two years. His living in multiple worlds and realities result in the different musical identities, various names and various styles and influences of music…


Upbeat, urban grooves, rooted between Reggae, Hip Hop and Bongo Flava - talking about hardships and happy things in live - always based on criticism on the state of being - trying to show up solutions and bringing together different continents and different people - through a musical message and love for the community - teaching, telling and talking to the people…


As a musical activist and creative working in empowering aspiring professionals in different areas he is one of the founders and managers of Stone Town Records, a music production and artist community in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Furthermore he is founder mentor of the video production studio NAD Edutainment also based in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

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