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Fat Albert Einstein

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Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Los Angeles resident Christopher Vagnoni a.k.a. Fat Albert Einstein is a multi-instrumentalist composer/producer with a taste for dusty rhythm driven songs, reminiscent of funky cross genre soundtrack themes. Christopher plays drums and melodica in the dubbers rock band Team Scrub, who was Aloe Blacc’s backing band for a brief stint. As Fat Al, he has worked with Clutchy Hopkins, the Kone and Stoup of Jedi Mind Tricks. 

Raised as a visual artist, drawing, painting and sculpting, music came later in life.
“I realized I can apply similar aesthetics used in visual composition in my song composition. I always enjoy getting my hands dirty when I work, so that emotions may be felt in a graphic sense. Live instruments offer me this sensation. Like sculpture and painting, you can feel intention left in the piece, be it through a strong gestural stoke or by taking a breath and pausing, stepping back, so to leave a moment naked and raw in its silence. This is important to me. This is what I know.”

Fat Al is the resident DJ at Largo in Los Angeles, selecting vinyl only sets for a long list of musicians, comedians and actors such as: Sarah Silverman, Jon Brion, Aziz Anzari, Zach Galifanakis, Steve Martin, Louis CK, Larry Coryell, Brad Meldau, Nels Cline, Larry David, Andrew Bird, Adele, Fiona Apple, Jack Black and Will Farrell.

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