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A drunk Polish monk transcribed philosophical scrolls from Tibet and made „Staro Robota“ – which means „old work“ in Polish – into „Astroboter“. This mistake soon became a myth take and found its way into the people‘s folklore, turning Astroboter into a metaphysical resetter in the shape of a robot who is able to discharge the energies of good and evil. A role Astroboter accepted eventually and whose creator is unknown (yet?). 
Armed with a Guitar and MPC (hidden in his belly), the Astroboter is witness to incidents that are caused by extreme contrarieties, but yet are so close together that it’s vexed to differ one from the other. Like a “Fail-Safe Key” he appears in various events, triggered by the beliefs & disbeliefs of human mankind. Not bound to era or location, the tale jumps from 3000 BC to the year 2013, from Amon Meru to New York.   
The selftitled debut album, released on Switchstance Recordings, tells the mythical story of Astroboter, a spiritual manifestation of Nature’s own steady metronomic dance between good and evil. Employing musical means as varied as TripHop, Krautrock, Ambient and Post Rock, the album evokes antique episodes and ponders timeless questions with its very own kind of sonic soundscapes and trickery.  
In the end, Astroboter falls into a coma, forever frozen in the icy vaults of Antarctica and quite likely forgotten in the arctic nights. 
To be continued… 

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