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Protassov´s musical output is an unrestrained balancing act. He believes in  the power of magic  and you could never nail him down to one musical genre. Porno soundtrack organs are dancing shameless with a folk guitar. Metallic industrial noises caress disco balls without suspecting the threatening showdown lurking just around the corner.


Protassov´s Music is funky and sometimes filled with exotic clichés – but always with a twinkle in ones eye. After playing guitar in several bands since the early nineties, he concentrates on making beats for Switchstance Recordings for nearly 2 decades now.


His artistical work proves that Protassov is unpredictable. From stripped down Reggae  riddims and dope instrumentals to his own vision of pop music vibes his narrative style invites the listener to a musical universe filled with mental freedom and fantastic projections. All held together by his love and strong believe in the beauty of every creatures mind.

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