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Release Alert!!!

Protassov´s new release "The Ride" has been released today and is available in all streaming & download platforms worldwide !!!

Journeying through the surreal No Man’s Land between percussive electronica and ambient funk, The Ride is relaxing and unsettling in equal measures. For the DJ/dancefloor there is Protassov’s signature dominant beat throughout: heavy, upfront and uncompromising. The melodies are constructed from a bewildering array of sources – including live instruments - with a structure that demands repeated and careful listening. This is electronic dance music as fine art.

"Great release! Really love the vibe!!!!" Mr. Bird (UK)

"Some deep stuff here!" FreeFall Radio (USA)

"Bass filled essential moves!" Jay Scarlet (Sounds Supreme Radio / UK / GER)

This set is a deep listening experience with powerful rhythms and moments of gratifying emotional intensity. Protassov has spent long in the studio and it shows - the tracks reward total immersion to experience each and every detail. They are the statements of a musician, crafted obsessively. So set aside your consciousness, dust off your boots and get ready for… The Ride.

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