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Reggae Jam & Reggae Sundance Special on Switchstance Reggae Radio

Better late than never:

Here is the Reggae Jam & Reggae Sundance Special 2023 from Switchstance Reggae Radio August edition. It features exclusive interviews with Tanya Stephens, Capleton, Meta & The Cornerstones, Toroki and INTI. Plus a very short interview with Lavosti from Kenya. Plus new music by Groundation meets Brain Damage, Warrior Sound, Chuck Fenda, Skarra Mucci, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Osagyefo, aDUBta & Earl 16, Mutabaruka, Uwe Banton and Chu Kosaka:

Here is a photo selection of Reggae Jam Festival:

Here a photo selection of Reggae Sundance Festival:

Much respect to all crew at Reggae Jam and Reggae Sundance festival for giving us the opportunity to interview these artists and visit their festivals!

Blessed Love

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