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New single by Ancient Astronauts

Greetings, music lovers! As we anticipate the release of the album "Cypher Kabaka" by the German production duo Ancient Astronauts on June 28th, we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek with the third single, "Sekalootera." This captivating track showcases the mesmerizing vocals of Phitzo Kiganda, a former member of the esteemed Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and a vital part of BA Cypher Kabaka.

"Sekalootera" delves into profound themes of spirituality, positivity, and indigenous heritage, echoing Phitzo's deep-rooted reverence for Jah Rastafari and his divine wisdom. Through lyrics steeped in humility and appreciation, Phitzo imparts a compelling message, encouraging listeners to navigate life's journey with mindfulness. Laden with messages of empowerment, traditional African rhythms, and ancient wisdom, this song embodies the commitment of Ancient Astronauts to bridging the gap between the past and the present, offering a contemporary interpretation of timeless values.

Just click the artwork below to listen to the song:

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