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New releases by Ancient Astronauts & Otim Alpha & Fixed Error

Following our return from the WOMEX music conference in Spain, we're thrilled to introduce two exciting new releases from our label.

The initial one is a unique collaboration featuring Ancient Astronauts, the renowned production duo, teaming up with the talented singer and Adungu virtuoso, Otim Alpha, from northern Uganda. Joining them is our longtime friend and collaborator, Brazen Rule, who also originates from the same region. This enchanting track promises to whisk you away to the heart of Uganda while embracing contemporary musical innovation.

The second offering on our label features Australian producer and film score composer Fixed Error, who has teamed up with Ugandan poet Kagayi Ngobi for a powerful song addressing the challenges faced by people on the streets and in the ghettos. In these harsh environments, police brutality and poverty take a heavy toll, while politicians continue to deceive with empty promises, solely focused on maintaining their grip on power without truly hearing and meeting the people's needs. It's a volatile mix that ignites frustration and potential unrest among those longing for genuine change.

Please click on the artworks below for all streaming and download platforms:

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