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New Releases

There are 2 new releases we would like to present to you. Today is the long awaited release of the debut album by Nyabingi band Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Kampala / Uganda. Their album "Nyabingi Resurrection" was released worldwide today and it already received great international feedback so far:

Debbie G (Resonance FM UK): “Every track is superb. Love the combination of East Africa with East Kingston”

Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty): “Great rhythm and sentiment”

Don Letts (BBC6): “Hits the spot”

Quinton Scott (Strut Records): “Great release and such an amazing project to reconnect East Africa and the Caribbean like this”

Jamie Renton (fRoots magazine): “Very hypnotic. Very infectious”

John Warr (Afrobase Radio): “Love the refreshing stripped back acoustic instrumentation, the emotional vocal and the choral response”

Laurent Garnier (PBB Radio): “Excellent”

Have a listen here:

Then we would like to introduce you to our new artist TWO EYES ONE TRUTH who is an italian drummer and producer from Bologna. His music is full with heavy drums and a beautiful melody and a very distinctive groove. Check his single VRIL here:

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