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New label compilation is OUT NOW !!

Founded over two decades ago, Switchstance Recordings emerged as a collaborative hub uniting musical visionaries dedicated to crafting a distinct sonic identity. The debut of 'Fantastic Freeriding' in 2002 marked the inception of pioneering artists Ancient Astronauts, Protassov, Kabanjak, and Dogu, laying the groundwork for a dynamic musical journey blending beats, breaks, and poignant lyricism.

Initially instrumental-focused, the label gradually embraced vocal collaborations, notably collaborating with the iconic Jungle Brothers, marking a pivotal shift. Evolving through time, Switchstance drew inspiration from the essence of 90s Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Afrobeat, and Jazz, cultivating an eclectic yet cohesive musical narrative.

Collaborations with industry luminaries like The Pharcyde, Thievery Corporation, Raashan Ahmad, and Akua Naru expanded the label's scope, earning acclaim for quality transcending conventional pop confines. Rooted in substance, cultural depth, and irresistible rhythms, Switchstance solidified its position as a purveyor of musical authenticity.

Presenting 'Fantastic Freeriding – The Journey Continues,' the latest label compilation showcases the vibrant tapestry of the current artist collective. Alongside established trailblazers, emerging talents such as Ugandan prodigy Ejuku, Australian composer Fixed Error, Dutch maestro Core Fields, Italian virtuoso Two Eyes One Truth, Ugandan luminary Nyonjo, and Argentinian composer Enrique Nicolas Noviello contribute to this musical mosaic.

This compilation spotlights innovative collaborations, featuring groundbreaking partnerships like Dogu's ventures with Congolese producer Majestik Legend and Ugandan sensation Brazen Rule. Notable fusions include Ancient Astronauts' synergy with Ugandan Adungu maestro Otim Alpha and Deela's fusion with the eclectic Los Chicos Altos, uniting extraordinary global talents united by a shared passion for captivating rhythms and expansive sonic landscapes.

Recent explorations in East Africa, notably Uganda, birthed a synergistic alliance with Kampala-based studio East African Records. This partnership led to remarkable works and releases with African artists, a natural progression amplified by label founder Tom Strauch's deep reverence for African musical heritage.

Step into the contemporary realm of Switchstance Recordings—an immersive sonic experience interweaving organic Hip Hop, Afro Electronica, Downtempo, Reggae, Blues, and innovative electronic rhythms. As a testament to the label's legacy, DJ Ses, a distinguished member of the historic Switchstance DJ Collective, shares nostalgic reflections, inviting listeners to relish in cherished memories. Please read below!


So Much Music - A tribute to the early days of Switchstance Recordings

by Daniel Giebel aka DJ Ses (part of the original Switchstance DJ Collective)

“So much music. That’s all I could think when the van got plucked apart by cops at some truck stop on our way to the Alps. Back in the early 2000s, all four DJs of our collective would only play vinyl. And since we were proud knights of versatility, we would bring a lot. Bags, actual cases. One even had a trolley for his cases. And now the poor cops had to unload all of it next to the Autobahn, picking through every record in every bag, looking for – actually, I have no idea what they were looking for. But they sure got an education in funkin’ and skankin’ music that day.

So much music. Tom (Dogu) and Kabanjak and Thury and me played Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Funk, Soul, Afrobeat, Jazz, Breakbeats, Big Beats, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, and then some. All four of us came into the label’s DJ collective from different backgrounds, but we could spin all of it, and each of us had a specialty. And we always brought fire to the dance. It was always fun and smiles all round, and we kept it rolling with a multitude of styles and vibes. It was an environment where you could get away with slipping in Mash-ups, House or even some Led Zep!

So much music. Around those first years of Switchstance Recordings, the four of us would travel to DJ somewhere every weekend, often in changing combinations. Many of those trips led us to Austria and Switzerland, where we played at boardsports events and clubs. I wouldn’t be able to say what happened when exactly, but there are so many vivid memories. Like spinning records on a sunny afternoon in a sort of cable car, seemingly dropped into a vast field of snow from outer space. All alone high up above the Kaunertal, with only Italy behind me and snowboarders doing their thing below me, to my ever-changing beats. Heaven, really.

So much music. Of course, it helped that Tom as the mastermind of Switchstance Recordings has always been on a mission. Every label needs a guy like him. A music lover from the depth of his heart, he makes you feel it in his DJ sets, but also as the ambassador for his own label and the music he makes as Ancient Astronauts with his comrade Kabanjak. Good to see both of them still at it some twenty years later. The four-headed beast of the Switchstance DJ collective might have disbanded, but we’re all still friends. And, in some way or another, still involved with music.

So much music.“


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