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Brazil Music Special


We hope all of you had a positive start into the new year 2023. What could be a better start for the new year than starting it with music? So let´s do that.

One day before Xmas eve label head Tom Strauch presented an extra 2 hours episode of Switchstance Radio with a focus on contemporary Brazilian music. Thanks to the help of some Brazilian musician friends Tom created a special selection between Afrobeat, Bossa Nova, Samba, Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul.

2 hours of hot Brazilian sun-soaked grooves to start the year in the right mood. This year should be a more positive year where PEACE shall be in the center of attention, not war. Freedom, equality, humanity, solidarity and love is what we are aiming for. And as Brazilian musician and producer Kastrup said: "Fora Bolsonaro!!" (translates "Out Bolsonaro!!")

Peace, Love & Unity

Switchstance Recordings

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