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Ancient Astronauts & Art Melody

Kabanjak & Dogu of Ancient Astronauts have been working for nearly 3 years on one of their favorite album projects ever, the ZIK ZAK album. This album is focussed on fresh uprising artists from Africa. Artists that are nearly unknown outside their countries. Africa is full of undiscovered talents, especially in Hip Hop and Reggae, but not a lot of people know about these talents. Ancient Astronauts want to change that, they want to give these young artists a platform to reach an audience far outside their normal markets.

The first single from the ZIK ZAK album is "Ziinga Zanram", which features rapper Art Melody from Burkina Faso. Dogu met him in 2015 at the very first Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja / Uganda and since then they stayed in contact. Finally, this is the first collaboration between Art Melody and the AAstros. The song is about the importance of self-consciousness when you are becoming an antrepreneur and a positive role model for the next generation.

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