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AAstronauts Farewell 2020 Merch Sellout

2020 was a hell of a year, don´t you think so? Corona striking hard all over the planet, more right-wing rise-ups on the continent and nearly another 4 years of Trumpism. Enough is enough we say. Ciao 2020 and HELLO 2021 !!!

To celebrate the coming of a hopefully more positive and peaceful year we decided to reduce the prices on all Ancient Astronauts merchandise. The AA hoodies come for 25,- € now instead of 35,- € former price. And the female AA logo T-shirts cost only 10,- € (from 20,- € before). The male & female BROKEN PUPPETS T-shirts can be yours for also just 10,- € and we even reduced the female "10 Years Of Switchstance Recordings" T-shirts to 10,- € only.

Click below for your order:

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