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20 years of dopeness

It´s been 20 years already since we started Switchstance Recordings in Moers / Germany. Throughout these years we released lots of dope ass music by artists such as Kabanjak, Protassov, Astroboter, Fat Albert Einstein, DJ Brace, Muito Kaballa, Ancient Astronauts, Deela, Sema Lo, Enrique Nicolas Noviello or Void Pedal.

Before we put out our "20 Years Fantastic Freeriding" compilation in December we have put together a compilation that highlights the dopest tracks from the past 20 years. It features collaborations with superb artists and musicians such as Hugo Kant, Akua Naru, Martin Perna (Antibalas / Ocote Soul Sounds), Raashan Ahmad, Maria Garcia Lora and Joyce Olong.

To another 20 years !!!

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