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Ruhrfahrt EP (12

Ruhrfahrt EP (12")

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First solo EP by Deela serving some of the hottest Latin Funk, Funkbreaks and Downtempo around. Also including a heavy Reggae/Dancehall tune feat. Shocking Murray, Mango Juice and Maiiah. This one hit the German Club Charts on place 10. Heavy support comes from Nightmares On Wax, 7 Samurai, Dom Servini, Diesler, AGFA, Mo´ Horizons, Flow Dynamics, Ey Royal & DJ Enne, etc...



International Feedback:

“Really lovin the EP man! One love”  Ease (Nightmares on Wax/UK)

“Big fat tunes that are destined to shake dancefloors the world over. A really really strong EP!! Gonna have this one in my box for sometime!! 9/10 !!“  Diesler (Tru Thoughts/UK)

“Azua Azua is really dope, as is Take You Higher and Danube Bird. This is that perfect summer-time EP, that will work in a lot of situations. Great EP my funk brothers.”  All Good Funk Alliance (USA)

“Good stuff again. All the way groovy. Deela quality music as usual!"  Mo´ Horizons (GER)