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Fantastic Freeriding - TNC EP (12

Fantastic Freeriding - TNC EP (12")

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The teaser EP for label compilation number 3 celebrating 5 years of Switchstance Recordings. All tracks are EP specials and not on the album. Again all Switchstance artists showing their high level of music production, containing heavy Uptempo Funk, Downtempo and funked up Dopebeats. Recommended by Fort Knox Five, Kid Loco, Rob Life, David Borsu, Boca 45, Diesler, Rob Luis, Andy Smith, etc...



International Feedback:

"Amazing EP!!! Chart: #1! This REALLY REALLY BLEW ME AWAY!! All amazing tracks but will be caining the '36 HOURS' track this time next year!! fast & funky!!will be in the box for a few months!!!" Diesler (Tru Thoughts / UK)

"Great label that always brings the funk!" Rob Life (Breakin Bread Rec. / UK)

 "Great latin influenced groover, perfect for the summer festivals. In the box and charting at #6." Boca 45 (Grand Central Records / UK)