Worldwide EP & exclusive DJ Mix by Ancient Astronauts

01.02.2011 14:47

Hi fellow earthling,


today is the release of the digital "Worldwide EP" from our Ancient Astronauts. The EP is out now on ESL Music and is the teaser for the upcoming full lenght record "Into Bass And Time". The "Worldwide EP" features three tracks, including an extended version of "Eternal Searching (feat. W. Ellington Felton)" and the extra song "Fear Is The Only Darkness".


Grab your copy right here at ESL Music:


Dogu & Kabanjak are so kind-hearted and are giving you their latest DJ Mix, called "Tales Of Tomorrow". Over one hour of music, in the unique style of Ancient Astronauts. Listen to it at work, before or after a party, in the car or elsewhere: Your mood will go along with the music! Take this ride, let us know which tune you like the most!

Enjoy your time on Earth,


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