Win a Tree Of Mystery T-Shirt!

12.01.2011 13:47


Hello music lover,


it's raffle time again here at Switchstance Recordings! We have a T-Shirt featuring the artwork of Kabanjak's "Tree Of Mystery" record. Printed on American Apparel we would like to throw one shirt (either size M or L, sorry no S) in the raffle box. How can you win?

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Join the Switchstance Recordings page (
  3. Post "Happy 10th Anniversary @SwitchstanceRecordings" on your wall (so that "Switchstance Recordings" appears blue)

You can only win if we're able to see who posted the link on the wall! We'll announce the winners on Friday via Facebook!


Kabanjak T-Shirt



Still going strong: Kabanjak's "5 Minutes" for free download!


Enjoy your time,


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