Welcome to 2011: 10 Years Of Switchstance Recordings

05.01.2011 11:36

Ten years of Switchstance Recordings


how are you? Did you survived the New Years Eve? We wish you a great new year and are happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. It's crazy how fast the time went. In 2001 Tom Strauch (aka Dogu from Ancient Astronauts) established the label in Moers, Germany. A few months later the "Fantastic Freeriding Vol. I" hit the Earth and then it went steady forward.


Now, with over 25 releases (plus 3 albums and 6 EP's licensed to the US label ESL Music) we are looking forward into the future and will have some great stuff for you: A brandnew EP by Deela, Best-Of Compilations, the next Ancient Astronauts album (even Waxpoetics went crazy!), a new Protassov cut, a collaboration between Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein (worked with Clutchy Hopkins, pssst!) and you can be sure to see some new talents here this year! So let's take a ride through the Switchstance Recordings history! Here, Fantastic Freeriding Vol. 1!



You can find all releases in our shop: Dope music for fair prices? And still vinyl? Right, it's us! And if you're a writer/blogger/editor/etc and would like to represent us on your platform, feel free to contact info@switchstancerecordings.de



Enjoy your day,

David / Switchstance Recordings

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