Protassov - Back To Work EP - Snippet Mix

10.05.2012 12:39

Greetings music lover,


we've posted the "Back To Work EP" Teaser Video a few days ago. Now we have the first sounds transmissions from Protassov's new record and recommend you to tune in. Protassov is on his way to break new frontiers, flavouring his old style with new influences and makes an appetite for his full length album in 2013. The Bandcamp Edition Pre-Sale started too and if you order now you'll get the title track "Back To Work" directly. The BC Edition will feature two bonus tracks that are only available in this edition.

Bandcamp Edition Pre-Sale Link

The EP will be released on June 1st in every digital download store. Instead of saying "worldwide" we need to adjust our terms and say "internet-wide".



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