Merry Christmas: Astroboter's "Merry Meditation Mix"

22.12.2010 14:42

Astroboter - Merry Meditation Mix

Greetings music lover,

it's our last official day in the office and we would like to thank you for your support in the last year. It's great to see how many people love the stuff that we're doing and this gives us the power to move forward, even when it's sometimes a really rocky road. We're looking forward to the next year when we'll be celebrating our 10th label anniversary with you! You can expect some dope stuff!


We have a special x-mas gift for you: Our new talent Astroboter compiled a 50 minute travel mix that features crazy Krautrock, weird, beautiful Psychedelic Rock and ambitious Ambient music. This is not the usual music that you would expect from Switchstance Recordings, but if you settle yourself and take the road (Astroboters advice: „Make a tea, get red-eyed, dim the lights and listen to it after 11pm“) you’ll surely agree with us that this sound can be filed under the section DOPE!





01. Flat Earth Society - Satori (Psycho Records)
02. Gong - Master Builder (Virgin)
03. Comus - Song To Comus (Dawn Records)
04. The Music Emporium - Velvet Sunsets (Sundazed Music / Re-Issue)
05. Dave Holland Quartet - Conference Of The Birds (ECM Records)
06. Barney Wilen - Moshi (Saravah)
07. John Frusciante - Forever Away (Tulip Records)
08. Terry Reid - Seed Of Memory (ABC Records)
09. Guru Guru - L. Torro (Brain)
10. Sopwith Camel - Orange Peel (Reprise Records)
11. Flat Earth Society - Portrait In Grey (Psycho Records)
12. Can - Sing Swan Song (United Artists Records)
13. Cosmic Eye - Dream Sequence Part XI (Regal Zonophone)
14. Brian Eno - Lesser Heaven (Warp)
15. Flat Earth Society - Satori (Psycho Records)


We wish you a merry christmas and a great start into the new year! Stay well and enjoy the time with your beloved ones!

All the best,


David / Switchstance Recordings


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