Into Bass And Time: The new album by Ancient Astronauts

19.01.2011 12:53

Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass And Time (Cover)


how are you? I hope that you're enjoying the time. Ha, time. Something constantly changing and you can never be sure whats coming next. But let me tell you whats coming next:


Ancient Astronauts, the producer duo from Cologne are ready to lift-off again and finished their second album called "Into Bass And Time". 2009 marked the debut "We Are To Answer" on ESL Music the next step in their career and after touring with Thievery Corporation in the USA, playing festivals like Lollapalooza, our two Astronauts are on a good way - and with a label like ESL Music in good hands!


"Into Bass And Time" features their vision of Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae and the cosmic vibrations around us. Featuring guest stars like street poet Azeem, boombap flavoured Raashan Ahmad, Monsoon and cats like Akua Naru and Phat Old Mamas. But enough of the words, fasten your beatbelts and get ready for the takeoff: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Releasedates: 08.03.2011 (USA) / 08.04.2011 (Europe) / Available as 2LP, CD and Digital Download!




Enjoy your bass and time,


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Comment by Rastafalex | 19.01.2011

can't wait for the lp guys!!sounds great!!

Comment by James | 20.01.2011

Damn, that will be a überdope record!