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11.11.2011 11:11



today marks a very special day for us. It's 11/11/11 and we're excited to present you "After The Beep", the album of our first non-german artist "Fat Albert Einstein" from Los Angeles. A few years ago Kabanjak dug in the realms of good old MySpace and ran into him. After a bunch of messages both started to work on songs together and this experience will be released next year.


But Fat Albert also sent us a record he made during his hitchhikings through the USA. He took answering machine tapes he found in Thrift Stores and layered them over his earthy drums and melodica chants. We were so stoked about this dirty recordings that we decided to put it out. Now it's here and it's like a gift we made us ourself for our 10th label anniversary.




The album is available as Digital Download, Vinyl (all sleeves selfprinted), CD and Limited Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition features Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Sticker and a Tote Bag. This edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available soon. Just stay tuned, we will announce it here on our page.



After The Beep by Fat Albert Einstein - Deluxe Edition



You have the chance to win a digital copy of "After The Beep". Search the world wide web for Fat Albert Einstein's collaborations and send a mail with the artist and track title to info@switchstancerecordings.de. There are a bunch of them, but you just need to send one. Good luck, 11 winners will be announced via mail! 


Listen/download to the free non-album track "Crosstown-Te" during your research. We promise you, it will help!

Fat Albert Einstein - Crosstown-Te (Free Track) by Switchstance Recordings


Order your Vinyl, CD or Limited Edition here:


Order your digital copy of After The Beep here:


We will celebrate this day and we wish you all the fun with the music. Enjoy your weekend!


All the best,


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