Etnies & Switchstance Recordings Anniversary Compilation

04.11.2011 21:02



we knew very long about this great news but we had to keep it silent. The anticipation grew and grew but now it's official: Etnies celebrates it's 25th anniversary and we our 10th. Our Ancient Astronauts are presented as Etnies Global Artists and we thought to combine all the three together. We created a free music compilation to thank you for your ongoing support over the last 10 years. You, the listener, are one of our greatest energies to believe in what we're doing for a decade now. The compilation features music by Ancient Astronauts, Azeem, Rashaan Ahmad, Fort Knox Five, Protassov, Kabanjak, Deela and Aeronautix.


Here is the link: Etnies & Switchstance Recordings Compilation



You can download the compilation for free and share it with your friends. Tell us what you think!


Here is the link to the Etnies Global Artist page for Ancient Astronauts.


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