Do You Ride The Money Train?

22.11.2010 12:43


How are you? We hope that you're doing well, especially after a weekend. So, new week, new work. Let's go!



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Our beatmonster Protassov, well known for his contributions for Switchstance Recordings since day one (2001, yes next year we're celebrating Switchstance Recordings' 10th anniversary! Yay!) finished his latest release called "Do You Ride The Money Train? EP". After releasing the great "Steam & Oil EP", his debut album "Shalina Music" in 2006 and his "Where We Live EP" a year ago, he takes his old road with a new vehicle.


This "digital only" release shows Protassov's current status of productions and all old and new fans will not be disappointed! Heavy beats meet beautiful melodies, alongside sound effects that could be found in old Horror & Sci-Fi flicks.




Please find an exlcusive DJ mix by Protassov here, all recorded in his "Mechano Tonatelier" studio. Download the DJ mix with the downward arrow or stream it.




1. A Hole to Swallow Us – Ancient Astronauts (Protassov remix) – ESL
2. Giant Squid – RJD2– Rjs Electrical Conections
3. I´m a Tree – Kabanjak– ESL
4. The Gladiators – Soul Rebel - Virgin
5. Dead Prez – Assasination – EPC Sony Music
6. Amon Tobin – Kokubo Sosho Stealth – Ninja Tune
7. The Infesticons – Night Night Theme – Ninja Tune
8. Skaplel – So Far – Ninja Tune
9. The Cinematic Orchestra – Child Song – Ninja Tune
10. Boards of Canada – Rue the Whirl – Warp
11. Protassov – Cops – Switchstance Recordings
12. Paul White – We want it All – One Handed Music
13. Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Ancient Chinese Secret – Ubiquity
14. Blockhead – Carnivores Unite – Ninja Tune
15. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – Gulli Verreisen - Nonplace


The "Do You Ride The Money Train? EP" will be pre-released on 26th November exlcusive via our shop and you will find a special track, just for the Switchstance Recordings lover! We'll keep you up2date here!!



Stay save and have a good start into the new week,

David / Switchstance Recordings


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