Bunch.tv Interview with Kabanjak (German)

07.12.2010 12:06



Our homepage is on for just a month and our analytics are blasting. I would like to thank you all personally for supporting us and let our mission go on further! It's great to see & hear that you like what we're presenting you here.You can check our shop if you're already in love with our music, we have vinyl and great other stuff! But enough with the honey, let's move on to the gold!


Kabanjak did an interview with the German TV channel Bunch.tv that you can enjoy right here:




If you're from Cologne then you have the chance to catch the Kabanjak instore gig at Groove Attack, 6 pm. tomorrow (wednesday) Grab your poster and take a listen to a DJ Set by the Ancient Astronauts.

Groove Attack Record Store
Maastrichter Str. 49
50672 Köln



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