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09.12.2011 10:00



This year was wonderful: We achieved our 10th anniversary and put out a great bunch of "Best Of" compilations plus two new releases (We Dance To Forget by Deela & After The Beep by Fat Albert Einstein). Now we've reached December and our last release of this year is Kabanjak's "Best Of" album.


Snippet Mix





Kabanjak is a Switchstance Recordings artists since day one. This release highlights his career on our label and proves his ability to incorporate different styles into one vision. This vision was brought to another level with his debut album "Tree Of Mystery" in 2010 which was released on Thievery Corporations label ESL Music. When you listen to his music you'll hear that this virtuoso (plays all instruments by himself) has one of the best feeling for harmonies that reflect our day-to-day emotions.





He also finished a great DJ Mix entitled "A Change Is Going To Come" (yepp, the title reflects Kabanjak's current state of mind, be curious what will happen) and you can listen to the mix on his page. He even took his time to write a few liner notes to each song and why he'd chose them.


Kabanjak - A Change Is Going To Come



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