Astroboter - Debut Album Out Today!

20.04.2012 16:30

Greetings music lover,


today is 420 and our new artist Astroboter releases his debut album on Switchstance Recordings. The selftitled concept album takes you through the history of Astroboter and implies musical means like Trip Hop, Krautrock, Ambient and Post Rock. With 10 tracks, the album merges twisted samples and live instrumentation, let you open your third eye and experience the world of Astroboter.

The album is out now in every digital download store. Keep in mind that the Bandcamp Edition is the only bundle that includes an interactive booklet, featuring a written story of the concept behind the album. It also includes liner notes, wallpaper and your own printable Astroboter Filter Tips. Hey, it's 420!

“I like how the electronic drums blend well with the other more acoustic sounds. Love the mix between electronic-modern style and psychedelic 70’s music. Overall it’s a great album with a distinct and personal sound.”Hugo Kant (France)

“Cool album with a great sound. Surely something which needs some listen to get into it. But it´s worth it.” - Dirk Schaefer / Subculture Magazine (Germany)

“Really good LP” - Mat The Alien (England)

“I quite liked this release…top shelf stuff!” - Simon Machina (Canada)

“Beautiful!” - Denny Seeber / Kölner Illustrierte (Germany)



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Enjoy your 420 and be well!


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Comment by SoftBlogger | 05.10.2012

Really great website and album!