Ancient Astronauts - Orion Nebula Remixes (Snippet Mix)

17.04.2012 14:18


Everybody in the Switchstance Recordings base is working on the next steps. From an upcoming debut album of Astroboter, to Protassov's new "Back To Work EP" and a dubbed out collaboration between Fat Albert Einstein & Kabanjak. So there is a lot to expect this year!



Our two space conquerors Ancient Astronauts are collecting their energies to finish their next album, but don't seem to dissapoint their fans with long delays. They let producers like DJ Brace, Maker, Subatomic Sound System alongside many more remix their "Into Bass And Time" album. The result is fantastic and varied like their own sound:




From heavy Dub basses to classic sample-based Hip Hop techniques, old melodies and arrangements are transformed into a new story. The record will be released on May 1st and will be available as a 12" & 7" vinyl edition. Stay tuned for more updates!


Tune into the snippet mix right below:


We wish you a beatific day,


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