Välley Rälley Ästhetics

15.03.2017 13:59

Ästhetiker crew back in Mayrhofen

The glorious Ästhetiker crew from Austria is back with a tour stop recap from Mayrhofen´s Vans Penken Park. Wanna see a fun contest that unites the rookies, the old pros and the small ones, united by a board under their feet? Well here you go. This is where fun meets contest in an Ästhetiker stylee!


We work together with the Ästhetiker crew and their video dude MonEpic for many many years now and this time they were diggin deep in the music crates of Switchstance Recordings. They chose Mango Juice and his song "Lovely Life" (produced by Ancient Astronauts) for the second half of the video.


Watch dis:


Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY 2016/2017 hosted by Ride Snowboards 3. Tourstop Zillertal Arena "Gerlos" from Ästhetiker on Vimeo.

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