ÄSTHETIKER roadtrip to Norway

04.01.2017 19:34

Part 1 of the an epic surf & snowboard trip through Norway


Up north they go, way up to Norway!


Steve Gruber, Bernd Egger, Wolly Nyvelt and Mone Monsberger from legendary Austrian Snowboard crew ÄSTHETIKER went on a surf and snowboard roadtrip through Norway. Their mission, the constant impulse of their crew, was to show the joy and elegance of surfing and snowboarding outside of stressful international contests. Pure fun is what these guys aim at. 


Over the past decade Switchstance Recordings was a continuous label partner of the ÄSTHETIKER camp and their video productions, and we are proud to soundtrack this beautiful roadtrip. 


Here is part 1 featuring music by Ancient Astronauts: 


Tell Ä Vision "Ästhetiker Go UP North" Part 1 from monEpic on Vimeo.

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