12.04.2019 17:59 by Switchstance Recordings

New Release by Muito Kaballa

A multi-instrumentalist & loop station artist from the streets of Cologne

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20.03.2019 16:40 by Switchstance Recordings


A raw musical talent from the streets of Cologne.

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25.01.2019 18:55 by Switchstance Recordings

Family Affairs Cologne February Edition

This saturday, the 9th of February, in Cologne!

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27.07.2018 17:59 by Switchstance Recordings

Free compilation RHYTHM IS LIFE & East Africa Tour

Free Download compilation and Ancient Astronauts East Africa Tour

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18.05.2018 12:08 by Switchstance Recordings

New Release by Deela

Deela is back with some tropical heat!

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11.05.2018 14:28 by Switchstance Recordings

ASI SOY digital Pre-Order

The pre-order for DEELA´s new Release has started!

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16.04.2018 14:06 by Switchstance Recordings

New release by Ancient Astronauts & Asphate

A song about US police brutality

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05.04.2018 15:15 by Switchstance Recordings

SUFFOC-HATE pre-sale has started

No More Police Brutality!

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21.11.2017 14:15 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Afro Bags

Get your copy of these highly limited african bags!

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10.11.2017 10:13 by Switchstance Recordings


Version Excursion!

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29.09.2017 15:16 by Switchstance Recordings


OUT NOW on Vinyl LP & digital

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01.09.2017 10:05 by Switchstance Recordings

None Of The Above

BROKEN PUPPETS are coming!

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23.08.2017 20:33 by Switchstance Recordings

Devils Of Digital

Download the FREE TUNE of the upcoming album by Ancient Astronauts & Azeem!

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04.08.2017 15:40 by Switchstance Recordings

Amlak Redsquare bringing the HEAT

It´s funky Reggae time!

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27.07.2017 23:26 by Switchstance Recordings

Judges In This Time

New collaboration by Kabanjak and Amlaq Redsquare coming up

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30.06.2017 12:17 by Switchstance Recordings

Dubs & Downs

Kabanjak is back with a tribute to the great producers in Reggae history. 

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12.05.2017 15:31 by Switchstance Recordings


Here is our brand new compilation of heavy dancefloor scorchers

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23.03.2017 16:39 by Switchstance Recordings

Spring Dub

Kabanjak´s FREE Dub tune for sunny spring days is here!

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15.03.2017 13:59 by Switchstance Recordings

Välley Rälley Ästhetics

Come and take a ride in Austria!

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28.02.2017 15:32 by Switchstance Recordings


Snowboarding in deep powder is the real deal. 

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25.01.2017 16:13 by Switchstance Recordings


A snowboarding All-Star line up at anniversary event in Riksgransen

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17.01.2017 15:26 by Switchstance Recordings

A Cologne Bar Tale

Wanna know how a bar night in Cologne´s SPIRITS bar, one of Germany´s number 1 cocktail bars,  sounds like?

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25.11.2016 11:57 by Switchstance Recordings

The Dooza Tapes Vol. 1

Kabanjak´s new solo album has finally arrived!

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22.11.2016 14:51 by Switchstance Recordings

Return Of The Dooza

Kabanjak presents his first Beat Tape!

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16.10.2016 13:51 by Switchstance Recordings

New Release: Slick City Shit

We are celebrating 15 years of Switchstance Recordings with 20 brand new songs and mixes!

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15.09.2016 19:06 by Switchstance Recordings

Time-limited Merch (Tshirts / Hoodies / Sweatshirts)

In our 15th anniversary year we come up with some slick clothing.

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23.08.2016 13:17 by Switchstance Recordings


Ancient Astronauts go WORLDWIDE !!

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09.08.2016 17:09 by Switchstance Recordings

Official Re-Releases from ESL Music

All Ancient Astronauts and Kabanjak releases on ESL Music are now officially re-released on Switchstance.

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18.03.2016 20:16 by Switchstance Recordings

New Release by Ancient Astronauts

Dope beats and deep grooves for the real Headz!

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26.02.2016 17:52 by Switchstance Recordings


FREE download EP from the Ancient Astronauts

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26.01.2016 20:07 by Switchstance Recordings

Slick City Shit

15 years of Switchstance Recordings

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05.01.2016 17:26 by Switchstance Recordings

Happy New Year !!!

more of our music in international snowboard movies

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18.12.2015 20:43 by Switchstance Recordings

Merry Xmas !!!

2015 is coming to an end...

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10.12.2015 16:58 by Switchstance Recordings

limited white double-vinyl

Our first vinyl release in 5 years comes as limited white double-vinyl including download card.

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25.09.2015 20:32 by Switchstance Recordings

New single by Ancient Astronauts & Tippa Irie

All Of The Things You Do

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07.09.2015 14:29 by Switchstance Recordings

Serious Times

What is happening with this world? So much hate and agression out there.

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11.08.2015 17:22 by Switchstance Recordings

FREE label compilation

Music from our crew, free for you!

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19.05.2015 16:08 by Switchstance Recordings

Munich Ancient Minded

The Ancient Astronauts are back with a new DJ Mix.

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13.05.2015 15:34 by Switchstance Recordings

FREE music by Ancient Astronauts

Once again the Ancient Astronauts had a deep look into their dj crates to find a special goodie for you.

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15.04.2015 15:12 by Switchstance Recordings


A new movie by The Poet Azeem & Cedar Image

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19.03.2015 18:51 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts male T-Shirts sold out !!!

We told you the black/white Ancient Astronauts logo T-shirts will sell fast.

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17.03.2015 17:52 by Switchstance Recordings

FREE download by KABANJAK

You like it REGGAE? Then come and get some...

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04.03.2015 19:54 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts t-shirts arrived

limited to 16 copies for females and males

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22.12.2014 11:39 by Switchstance Recordings

Xmas Holidays

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04.12.2014 14:02 by Switchstance Recordings

Xmas time is coming

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15.04.2014 10:49 by Tom Strauch

Important Announcement

PLEASE NOTE: The Switchstance Recordings office will be closed until the 24th of April and no physical orders can be shipped during this time frame. Please place physical orders from the 24th on again !! Peace & Love

11.12.2013 20:34 by Switchstance Recordings

Merry Christmas / Office Holidays

The Switchstance office will be closed during the holidays!

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06.12.2013 15:47 by Switchstance Recordings

Merry Christmas: Kabanjak - Holy Night

Merry Christmas! A special gift by Kabanjak, who remade the "Holy Night" theme!

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08.11.2013 15:47 by Switchstance Recordings

Fantastic Freeriding 4 - Now

Fantastic Freeriding 4 - Now Releaseday

The next "Fantastic Freeriding" is out now!

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30.10.2013 17:48 by Switchstance Recordings

Pre-Order "Fantastic Freeriding 4 - Now"

Junodownload hosts the exclusive pre-order for our upcoming release "Fantastic Freeriding 4 - Now" - Safe your download!

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23.10.2013 18:10 by Switchstance Recordings

Big Up To Our Media Partners

Meet our fine media partners for the upcoming "Fantastic Freeriding 4 - Now" release!

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16.10.2013 17:12 by Switchstance Recordings

Our new artist: Void Pedal

It's time to meet our new artist - Say hello to Void Pedal from Chicago / USA!

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12.10.2013 14:24 by Switchstance Recordings

Fantastic Freeriding - Now! Snippet Mix

The snippet mix for our next label compilation is online! Tune in - Now!

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12.09.2013 11:01 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance In I Head Mix

Exclusive mix by owner Tom Strauch for the Liquid Radio show on FM4 Radio from Vienna / Austria. Tune in!

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03.09.2013 12:25 by Switchstance Recordings

Gamescom 2013

Switchstance Entertainment rocked eyes & ears at Germanies biggest gaming event, the Gamescom 2013!

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22.08.2013 16:08 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov: New Song For Free

The beatsmith from the Ruhr Area is settling in the hanseatic city of Hamburg - Already filled with new inspiration, he presents his latest song "Through The Darkest Nights"!

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16.08.2013 11:09 by Switchstance Recordings

Out Now: Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae Compilation

Light up the dynamite & feel the explosions: Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae compilation is out now!

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12.08.2013 12:56 by Switchstance Recordings

Ay Oh, Let's Go: Blitzkrieg Dub - Free Download!

Free Download of "Blitzkrieg Dub" by The Beatstalkers - From our upcoming "Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae" compilation!

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02.08.2013 13:52 by Switchstance Recordings

Fattys Modern Funk Mix!

Fat Albert Einstein made it once again: A new "vinyl only" mix. This time all about Modern Funk!

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23.07.2013 10:52 by Switchstance Recordings

Azeem - Gods Rolex

Poet MC Azeem teaches you about "Gods Rolex" in a very strong visual manner plus music by Kabanjak & Ancient Astronauts!

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10.07.2013 13:16 by Switchstance Recordings

Dub O' Dup - Limited 12" Vinyl Import

Good stuff needs time: Finally the limited vinyl editions of Kabanjaks & Fat Albert Einsteins "Dub O' Dup" are available in our shop!

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21.06.2013 12:56 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Remixed - Out Now!

A collection of remixes from over a decade - Out now!

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14.06.2013 13:27 by Switchstance Recordings

Pre-Order "Switchstance Recordings - Best Of Remixed"

Pre-Order your copy of "Switchstance Recordings - Best Of Remixed" now!

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12.06.2013 17:47 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak - Echoes In The Night

Kabanjak releases a new album called "Echoes In The Night" through our partners Pedigree Cuts this Monday!

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09.04.2013 12:37 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts - Break My Heart In 2

The Ancient Astronauts are gaining massive love from the digital community for their latest song "Break My Heart In 2"!

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26.03.2013 13:06 by Switchstance Recordings

45 Minutes With Protassov

Protassov crafted a new mix where a bunch of genres clash into each other!

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20.03.2013 12:40 by Switchstance Recordings

Hillbilly Mix by Fat Albert Einstein

The fat drum & dust scientist Fat Albert Einstein recorded his latest live mix for you!

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09.01.2013 12:33 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov - Walking Round The Block Music Video

Mr. Robot is walking round the block in the latest music video by Protassov!

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07.01.2013 11:53 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts - Still A Soldier (DJ Brace Remix) Video

Visual master Uli Sigg transformed the "Still A Soldier (DJ Brace Remix" by Ancient Astronauts into a colorful music video!

Read more …

10.12.2012 12:59 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak - Psylent Night

Enjoy a psyched-out version of the christmas classic "Silent Night", twisted by Kabanjak and transformed into "Psylent Night"!

Read more …

06.12.2012 15:37 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings X-Mas Party 2012

Switchstance Recordings X-Mas Party 2012

We're celebrating our Switchstance Recordings X-Mas Party again. Join us in the live stream & win prices by Ableton, Dubspot & Etnies!

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23.11.2012 12:40 by Switchstance Recordings

Abra Kabra EP release day!

We're releasing the Abra Kabra EP by Brace & Kabanjak today!

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20.11.2012 15:09 by Switchstance Recordings

Dub O' Dup - New DJ Mix & Vinyl Releaseparty

Fat Albert Einstein presents the second part of the "Dub O' Dup" Reggae mix & invites you to the Vinyl Releaseparty in Los Angeles.

Read more …

11.11.2012 11:11 by Switchstance Recordings

"Locked Up" by Protassov

Tune into a new song by Protassov called "Locked Up"

Read more …

09.11.2012 14:07 by Switchstance Recordings

New Demos by Kabanjak on SoundCloud

Kabanjak filled his SoundCloud account with a bunch of demo tracks from his upcoming releases.

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07.11.2012 15:19 by Switchstance Recordings

Free Download: Beat Sutras Vol. I by Astroboter

Astroboter releases "Beat Sutras Vol. I" for free. The beat collection also comes in a Limited Tape Edition.

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05.11.2012 14:54 by Switchstance Recordings

Abra Kabra EP by DJ Brace & Kabanjak: Pre-Order

Two music wizards collaborated together, sending files across the big pond. Abra Kabra EP by DJ Brace & Kabanjak Pre-Order starts today!

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25.10.2012 11:34 by Switchstance Recordings

New Radio Mechano Mix by Protassov

Protassov finished his latest beat-laden "Radio Mechano Mix". Tune in and protect ya neck!

Read more …

24.10.2012 15:54 by Switchstance Recordings

New Video by Astroboter

The mystic meta-robot takes you back to the "Summer Of Love" with his new music video!

Read more …

02.10.2012 14:32 by Switchstance Recordings

DJ House Shoes feat. Selfsays & Fat Albert Einstein - Roller Coaster

Our man Fat Albert Einstein produced a song for DJ House Shoes' new album "Let It Go". Here is the video for the song "Roller Coaster" feat. Selfsays.

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30.09.2012 13:12 by Switchstance Recordings

Winters Prelude by Kabanjak

New Demo by Kabanjak. Winter is coming!

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27.09.2012 13:01 by Switchstance Recordings

DJ Mix by Deela

Voodoo skeleton Deela released his album last Friday. Now you have the chance to dust off your dancing shoes with a brandnew DJ Mix!

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26.09.2012 12:53 by Switchstance Recordings

Free Track by Protassov: Flicker

The beatsmith from Essen is working on a free track series. Enjoy the first freebie "Flicker"!


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21.09.2012 11:07 by Switchstance Recordings

Deela - New Album "Rumbullion" out now!

Deela returns with the new album "Rumbullion" and keeps Summer in legacy. Latin-Funk, Moombahton and Global Bass for your feet!

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27.08.2012 15:26 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 32

The Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 32 is out now! Hosted by Dogu (Ancient Astronauts) & Protassov. Filled with one hour of fine music!

Read more …

03.08.2012 12:49 by Switchstance Recordings

New Deela Single "Asi Soy (feat. Maria Garcia Lora) - Out now!

The brandnew single "Asi Soy" from the forthcoming album "Rumbullion" by Deela is out now!

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11.07.2012 15:40 by Switchstance Recordings

Fat Albert Einstein

Fat Albert Einstein - Slow Blues (Official Video)

Our man Fat Albert Einstein from Los Angeles presents you the video for "Slow Blues" by Walter Gross.

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05.07.2012 15:02 by Switchstance Recordings

Dub O' Dup - Out now!

Dub heads & Reggae lovers, be aware! Today is the release of the collaboration record "Dub O' Dup EP" by Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein.

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28.06.2012 14:48 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak - Strictly Rockers Mix & Remix Contest Entry

Kabanjak cheers you up with a superb strictly rockers mix & we have the first remix contest entry for you!

Read more …

26.06.2012 14:42 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein: Dub O' Dup Remix Contest

Listen to the upcoming "Dub O' Dup EP" and join the first official Switchstance Recordings Remix Contest!

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01.06.2012 10:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov - Back To Work EP: Out now!

Protassov's new "Back To Work EP" is out now in every digital download store!

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24.05.2012 14:26 by Switchstance Recordings

Free Tune "Robot" by Protassov

We have something for you: A free download track called "Robot" by Protassov!

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21.05.2012 13:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov - Inspirations Mix

Want to hear what influenced Protassov on his last sound journey? Tune into his latest mix right here!

Read more …

10.05.2012 12:39 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov - Back To Work EP - Snippet Mix

The snippet mix from the "Back To Work EP" by Protassov is ready to be heard!

Read more …

07.05.2012 15:42 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 31

The Switchstance Radioshow, hosted by Protassov & Dogu (Ancient Astronauts), is back with edition no. 31!

Read more …

03.05.2012 13:05 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov - Back To Work EP - Video Teaser

Protassov returns with his next installment called "Back To Work EP". Enjoy a fresh video teaser right here!


Read more …

02.05.2012 13:55 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts - Orion Nebula Remixes: Out now!

The Ancient Astronauts return with a superb remix album, featuring producers like DJ Brace, Maker, Subatomic Sound System and many more!

Read more …

20.04.2012 16:30 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Debut Album Out Today!

The mythical Astroboter drops his debut album today on Switchstance Recordings!

Read more …

17.04.2012 14:18 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts - Orion Nebula Remixes (Snippet Mix)

The two space conquerors let producers like DJ Brace, Maker and Subatomic Sound System remix their second album. Listen to the snippet mix from the upcoming record.

Read more …

05.04.2012 16:22 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Metrokinesis (Official Video)

Enjoy the first official music video by Astroboter!

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28.03.2012 13:31 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Game Of Tones Mix

Astroboter presents his new mix called "Game Of Tones", for fans of Beats, Krautrock and (as usual) much more!

Read more …

13.03.2012 13:43 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Album Snippet Mix

The mythical Astroboter dropped the snippet mix for his upcoming selftitled album!

Read more …

07.03.2012 13:35 by Switchstance Recordings

New DJ Mix by Ancient Astronauts

The Ancient Astronauts recorded a new DJ mix, filled with great Funk & Dope Beats for their upcoming Greece gigs.

Read more …

05.03.2012 16:41 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Last video teaser & Facebook

Last video teaser by Astroboter & Facebook Page announcement!

Read more …

01.03.2012 09:21 by Switchstance Recordings

Mechano PotCast Vol. II by Protassov

Enjoy the latest "Mechano PotCast" by Protassov!

Read more …

24.02.2012 16:26 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Kabanjak Cover

Best Of Deela - Out now!

Today is the worldwide release of the "Best Of" by Deela!

Read more …

22.02.2012 13:59 by Switchstance Recordings

Tropical Nights Mix by Deela

Deela made a new DJ mix called "Tropical Nights" for you!

Read more …

17.02.2012 10:01 by Switchstance Recordings

Free download: "Cumbia De La Paz" by Deela

Download/Stream a brandnew free song by Deela!

Read more …

08.02.2012 12:12 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Two album video teaser

New artist Astroboter warms up with two video teasers from his upcoming debut album!

Read more …

01.02.2012 16:01 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Deela (Snippet Mix)

The snippet mix from the upcoming "Best Of Deela" arrived!

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25.01.2012 13:12 by Switchstance Recordings

Rough Takes by Kabanjak

New rough beat sketches by Kabanjak!

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21.01.2012 10:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Protassov joined SoundCloud

Protassov joined SoundCloud and you can expect upcoming "PotCasts" & free Tunes!

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03.01.2012 15:33 by Switchstance Recordings

Releases 2012

A happy new year: Our releases for 2012

Read more …

17.12.2011 20:14 by Switchstance Recordings

X-Mas Party - Livestream

Join our X-Mas Party! With music by Ancient Astronauts, Kabanjak, Protassov, Deela and Astroboter!

Read more …

09.12.2011 10:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Kabanjak - Out now!

The last release of 2011 marks the "Best Of" by Kabanjak

Read more …

18.11.2011 12:34 by Switchstance Recordings

"Delights For Psychic Minds Mix" by Astroboter

New Psych ride from our upcoming artist Astroboter

Read more …

11.11.2011 11:11 by Switchstance Recordings

Fat Albert Einstein - After The Beep - Out now!

Win a copy of this record right here!

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04.11.2011 21:02 by Switchstance Recordings

Etnies & Switchstance Recordings Anniversary Compilation

A free music compilation just for you!

Read more …

26.10.2011 17:04 by Switchstance Recordings

Fat Albert Einstein

Fat Albert Einstein - After The Beep (Snippet Mix)

An on the road collection of voyeuristic answering machine tapes...

Read more …

30.09.2011 08:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Protassov - Out now!

Our beatsmith from the Ruhr Area releases his "Best Of"

Read more …

13.09.2011 15:23 by Switchstance Recordings

Decade Of Dope Beats Cover

A Decade Of Dope Beats - Out now!

Our 10th anniversary compilation hits the digital stores!

Read more …

31.08.2011 13:09 by Switchstance Recordings

Decade Of Dope Beats Cover

Switchstance Recordings MegaMix by DJ Sesner

DJ Sesner mixed 10 years of Switchstance Recordings music!

Read more …

29.07.2011 10:29 by Switchstance Recordings

Deela - We Dance To Forget EP Cover

Out now: Deela - We Dance To Forget EP

New EP by Kabanjak's sideproject Deela

Read more …

20.07.2011 10:29 by Switchstance Recordings

Deela - We Dance To Forget EP Cover

Deela - We Dance To Forget EP Snippet

Listen to the snippet mix for Deela's upcoming EP!

Read more …

15.07.2011 10:00 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Ancient Astronauts Cover

Out now! Best Of Ancient Astronauts

The Best Of 2001 - 2011 EP is out now!

Read more …

12.07.2011 14:23 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No 29 Cover

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 29

The 10th anniversary special part I

Read more …

06.07.2011 12:15 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Ancient Astronauts Cover

Ancient Astronauts - "Best Of" Snippet Mix

Check the snippet mix for the upcoming Ancient Astronauts release!

Read more …

28.06.2011 14:04 by Switchstance Recordings

Shipping for nearly nothing! Worldwide!

We're glad to announce that the shipping costs have dropped!

Read more …

21.06.2011 14:44 by Switchstance Recordings

Best Of Ancient Astronauts Cover

Ancient Astronauts: Best Of and Bunch.tv Interview

We're are starting the rockets for our 10th anniversary!

Read more …

31.05.2011 16:34 by Switchstance Recordings

Mailchimp Logo

There is a new postman in town!

We've set up a new newsletter. Signup and receive an exlusive DJ Mix by Kabanjak!

Read more …

04.05.2011 12:08 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Logo 10 Years

Al Bundle

We have some specials for you!

Read more …

19.04.2011 13:17 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts x Etnies Limited Edition Shirt

Return of the Astronauts!

"Into Bass And Time" is out now worldwide! Check the limited edition T-Shirt with Etnies

Read more …

04.04.2011 10:30 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts Temple

Ancient Astronauts and the Westcoast

The space folks took over the bay area!

Read more …

07.03.2011 11:30 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Logo 10 Years

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 28

Our hosts Dogu (Ancient Astronauts) and Protassov are celebrating the first glances of the sun!

Read more …

22.02.2011 12:43 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts Temple

New Ancient Astronauts Interview

Dogu & Kabanjak are giving some insights behind their new album "Into Bass And Time"

Read more …

01.02.2011 14:47 by Switchstance Recordings

Worldwide EP & exclusive DJ Mix by Ancient Astronauts

The two astronauts are celebrating the release of the "Worldwide EP" and provide a dope DJ Mix

Read more …

25.01.2011 12:56 by Switchstance Recordings

Worldwide: Free Song by Ancient Astronauts

Give respect and love worldwide!

Read more …

19.01.2011 12:53 by Switchstance Recordings

Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass And Time (Cover)

Into Bass And Time: The new album by Ancient Astronauts

Are you Into Bass And Time? Ancient Astronauts take their space exploration to the next level!

Read more …

12.01.2011 13:47 by Switchstance Recordings


Win a Tree Of Mystery T-Shirt!

Take your chance and win a T-Shirt of Kabanjak's Tree Of Mystery

Read more …

05.01.2011 11:36 by Switchstance Recordings

Ten years of Switchstance Recordings

Welcome to 2011: 10 Years Of Switchstance Recordings

Let's start with the new year and our 10th anniversary

Read more …

22.12.2010 14:42 by Switchstance Recordings

Astroboter - Merry Meditation Mix

Merry Christmas: Astroboter's "Merry Meditation Mix"

We thank you with a special mix from our new talent Astroboter

Read more …

08.12.2010 14:13 by Switchstance Recordings

Official video for Kabanjak's "Don't Worry" and win a CD/Poster

Watch the video for Kabanjak's "Don't Worry" and have the chance to win a CD & Poster of "Tree Of Mystery"

Read more …

07.12.2010 12:06 by Switchstance Recordings


Bunch.tv Interview with Kabanjak (German)

Kabanjak talks with Bunch.tv about his solo debut and upcoming releases!

Read more …

26.11.2010 16:13 by Switchstance Recordings

Do You Ride The Money Train? EP

Do You Ride The Money Train? by Protassov out today

Protassov's new EP is out now! Win a free copy of the release here

Read more …

24.11.2010 12:52 by Switchstance Recordings

R.O.M.Y. by Protassov / Switchstance Recordings

"R.O.M.Y." by Protassov - Free Download

Download the free track "R.O.M.Y." by Protassov from his upcoming "Do You Ride The Money Train? EP"

Read more …

22.11.2010 12:43 by Switchstance Recordings

Do You Ride The Money Train?

Our psychedelic beatmonster Protassov is ready to serve you his next release, fresh and warm! Free DJ mix inside!

Read more …

19.11.2010 14:33 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak's Tree Of Mystery charted on #1 at CJSW

"Tree Of Mystery" charted on #1 @ CJSW radio station

Read more …

15.11.2010 16:50 by Switchstance Recordings

"Tree Of Mystery" review on Okayplayer.com

"Not mysterious in the Tree of Mystery are the gentleman’s talents"

Read more …

11.11.2010 15:20 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak featured on Waxpoetics.com

A real honor: The well known music mag Waxpoetics features Kabanjak's "Tree Of Mystery"

Read more …

09.11.2010 13:38 by Switchstance Recordings

Free track by Kabanjak

Download "5 Minutes" by Kabanjak for free!

Read more …

07.11.2010 22:40 by Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings Radioshow No. 27

The new radioshow, hosted by Protassov & Dogu. One hour of great music!

Read more …

02.11.2010 14:45 by Switchstance Recordings

Kabanjak's Tree Of Mystery

Kabanjak's long awaited debut album "Tree Of Mystery" is out now! Full preview here!

Read more …

01.11.2010 15:57 by Switchstance Recordings

Our homepage is back!

Our homepage is updated now and our official blog can be found here.

Read more …