Mango Juice - Cry Out EP

Mango Juice - Cry Out EP Artwork

Artist: Mango Juice
Cat.No: SR12 010
Format: 12" & Digital

01. Fire Pon Rome
02. Lovely Life
03. Beware (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
04. Beware
05. Love Alone

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What does a real Rasta man do in the Ruhr area of Germany? Well, in the case of experienced conscious chant-master Mango Juice, he gives a Cry Out to the world!


The EP of the same name represents the first outing of the Reggae singer's collaboration with the Switchstance Recordings label and its producers Kabanjak and Ancient Astronauts. With all brothers involved hailing from the west-side Ruhr Area, bordering on Holland, the five featured tracks are ranging from spliffed-out Dub bliss to deep-rolling junglist licks, all the while showcasing the serious approach of Mango Juice's lyrics. Starting off the Cry Out EP is Fire Pon Rome, a track making clear that while Mango Juice is about timeless topics, the music production is in no way retro – assembling modern techniques, a strong acoustic guitar and advanced drum programming.


More on a Roots tip is Lovely Life, a bitter-sweet vibration that has already been featured on the CD to the recent issue of Riddim, Germany's biggest magazine on Reggae and Dancehall. Check out the feature about Mango Juice in the current issue of Riddim! Side B lets loose on the drums – the Ancient Astronauts Remix of Beware is a proper Jungle tune which has become a firm live favourite at Switchstance Recordings' party nights, where Mango Juice is delivering his lyrics live on a regular basis to much applause. The actual song Beware is also brought to your ears here, representing a much more natural Roots vibe than in the remix. Love Alone closes the Cry Out EP, and in fine style: mellow and sweet words meets classic Dub instrumentation, leaving no doubt that Mango Juice and his producers have all done their Jamaican homework well.