Kabanjak - Holy Night

Kabanjak - Holy Night

Artist: Kabanjak
Cat.No: SRDR 022
Format: Digital

01. Kabanjak - Holy Night


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Christmas time is known to be the merry time of the year, but reality proves that there is as well a dark side of Christmas. Individual tragedies can add sad moments to these “holy” days and stay mostly undiscussed. Kabanjak´s “Holy Night” aims to give this sadness and desperation a musical voice.

The original “Holy Night” is known to be an international Christmas classic. A song that brings out childhood memories in people hearing it. Full of positivity and hope. But the reality of Christmas is not always like that. Everyone can find examples for themselves.

Kabanjak reworked the theme of the song in his very own way by adding a dark and psychedelic groove to it. He turned the happy major song into a dark and tragic minor version.