Fantastic Freeriding

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Artist: Various
Cat.No: SRCD 001/SRLP 001
Format: CD, 2LP & Digital

01. Protassov - The Good And The Bad
02. Ancient Astronauts - Green Tea Funk
03. Protassov - A Bird's Party
04. Kabanjak - I Wish I Had You
05. Protassov - Organized & Ready To Fight
06. Deela - African Chant (Pt. I)
07. Protassov - Frere Mystiqué
08. Kabanjak - Too Tired To Sleep
09. Protassov - Natural
10. Ancient Astronauts - Spice Song
11. Protassov - Sometimes In Winter
12. Ancient Astronauts - Shake That Thing
13. Protassov - Gorilla
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Fantastic Freeriding is the first release from Switchstance Recordings - a depiction of the state of the art and a statement, all the while an enthusiastic soundtrack for all the activities mentioned above – and thus reflecting the vibe of Switchstance Recordings in all its varieties.


Electronic breaks meet organic beats, downtempo jazz meets uptempo funk, dub meets afro or hiphop meets drum'n'bass – the multi-faceted program of the Switchstance DJ Collective, which has caused strong interest on dancefloors in Germany and abroad, is also the  creed of the label's producers:


Fantastic Freeriding shows Protassov as a sample- and jam-wizard with a liking for raw, earthy funk beats, which show sentiment in all the right places. Deela is a four-headed afro-funk-hydra, which combines programmed elements with live-jamming and has already gained a reputation as a strong live outfit. Kabanjak puts a bright mosaic  of many different shades together – bound together by the best putty there is: funk! Ancient Astronauts are standing ankle-deep in the living funk while nodding their heads in the orbit – it's no wonder that their music on Fantastic Freeriding breathes so many interesting spheres ...!