Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter

Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter Artwork

Artist: Various
Cat.No: SRCD 004 / SRLP 003
Format: CD, 2LP & Digital

01. Kabanjak -The Rain
02. Protassov - Butterfly Dub
03. Deela - Danube Bird
04. Subrok Mission - The Duke
05. Deela - Naked (feat. Inga Lühning)
06. Ancient Astronauts - Until The Stars Go Out
07. Deela - Makulu
08. Protassov - Closer To Love
09. Kabanjak - Night People
10. Subrok Mission - Groovin' Smooth
11. Protassov & Kinski - Eastern
12. Deela - Swing The Dictum
13. Protassov - How Far?
14. Kabanjak - Revelation Dub
15. Protassov - Home
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2006 marks the fifth anniversary of Switchstance Recordings, the renowned German label for all things funky and dope. Five years of Switchstance means five years of continuous producing, DJing, promoting and putting out fine records, led through the troubled waters of the post-2000s international music business by the label's founder and managing director Tom Strauch, his partner and label manager   Bernd "Kinski" Roesler and their longtime fellow producers, DJs, networkers and, last not least, friends.


Five years of Switchstance also means THE NEXT CHAPTER in the FANTASTIC FREERIDING legacy, the label's own regular artist showcase albums that have become a major staple in the crates of some of the world's most beloved HipHop, Downtempo, Broken Beat and NuJazz DJs and producers - and who will no doubt be delighted by the FANTASTIC FREERIDING - THE NEXT CHAPTER double album.


Featured on FANTASTIC FREERIDING - THE NEXT CHAPTER are all the label's acts that have made a well-respected name for themselves in the last five years - ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, DEELA, KABANJAK and PROTASSOV - with the latest exciting variations on their trademark beats and sounds, as well as some new projects that are yet to be discovered: SUBROK MISSION and PROTASSOV & KINSKI offer their vision of THE NEXT CHAPTER here for the first time.

Also included on FANTASTIC FREERIDING - THE NEXT CHAPTER are two collaborations which are definitely worth a few lines and a good listen: On NAKED,  the versatile DEELA offer a touching song in close collaboration with vocalist INGA LUEHNING, who has made a name for herself by touring live with German bands FANTA 4 and RE:JAZZ, providing her voice for a 12" on German House label NEEDS and putting out records under her own name - her second album, in between Electronics and Jazz, is due later in 2006.

And on EASTERN by PROTASSOV & KINSKI, a real legend is involved, playing his beautifully tragic M.F.-horn here: VICTOR BROX who is considered by many as one of the greatest blues singers and performers of our day and has played with big names such as Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Alexis Korner, Screaming Lord Sutch, Stevie Wonder and Keith Moon in his life-long career that isn't finished yet.


FANTASTIC FREERIDING - THE NEXT CHAPTER follows the tradition of featuring another promising young graphic artist on each of the series' albums. This time, the artwork was done by the Hamburg-based artist STOHEAD, capturing the space-and-time-expanding effect of the album in his own fresh ways.


Rising to the occasion of Switchstance's five-year anniversary, FANTASTIC FREERIDING - THE NEXT CHAPTER is released in a great  packaging: As a CD, the album comes in a 6-sided Digipak with a massive 12-page booklet, the double vinyl is put out in a celebratory all-colour gatefold sleeve.