Fantastic Freeriding - Remixed

Fantastic Freeriding - Remixed Artwork

Artist: Various
Cat.No: SRLP 004
Format: LP & Digital

01. Ancient Astronauts - 36 Hours (Fort Knox Five Remix)
02. Deela - Ghost Song (Bobby Hughes Combination Remix)
03. Kabanjak - Night People (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
04. Protassov - Butterfly Dub (Protassov & Kinski Remix)
05. Deela - Danube Bird (Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop Remix)
06. Kabanjak - Revelation Dub (Perch meets Kabanjak Remix)
07. Ancient Astronauts - 36 Hours (Audio In Funktion Lo Fi Remix)
08. Kabanjak - Gypsy Soul (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
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Want it remixed? Here you go: Switchstance Recordings´ very own label compilation series Fantastic Freeriding, that got huge support from legendary DJ´s, producers and tastemakers like Richard Dorfmeister, Nightmares On Wax, Kid Loco, Fort Knox Five, Mo´ Horizons, Fink, Bonobo, Quantic, Diesler, Dynamo Productions, etc gets the special remix treatment. This vinyl-only album contains heavy remixes by Fort Knox Five, All Good Funk Alliance, Bobby Hughes Combination, Perch (from legendary UK Dub-Reggae group Zion Train), Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop, Optik InFunktion (from Sarajevo!!!), Protassov & Kinski and the Ancient Astronauts.


First up it´s the Fort Knox Five who pull “36 Hours” by the Ancient Astronauts into a dancefloor-shakin uptempo Dopebeat tune that pays respect to the roughness and forward funkin´ groove of the original. Speaking of a funky groove: Remix number two is by Ex - Stereo Deluxe and Ultimate Dilemma artist Bobby Hughes Combination, who did an outstanding remix of “Ghost Song” by Deela, adding full live band instrumentation like flute, keys, percussion, etc to do their very own trademark style of relaxed scandinavian Funk. This one is followed by a superb Downtempo B-Boy remix from the All Good Funk Alliance, who take Kabanjak´s “Night People” straight to the dancefloors of all intelligent clubs and lounges worldwide. Rounding up the A-side it´s our man Protassov joining forces with Kinski to give his song “Butterfly Dub” some special dancefloor flavour. Very organic, dubwise and full of heavy breaks and guitars.


The opener of the B-side is a great interpretation of Deela´s “Danube Bird”, done by Germany´s number one True School Hip Hop Turntablelist Marc Hype and his production partner Jim Dunloop on the keys. Expect a solid B-Boy Funk tune with supergroovy Keys that give this remix the kind of Jazz-Feel it deserves. Track 2 on the B-side is a Dub-cooperation between our man Kabanjak and Dub-veteran Perch from legendary UK Dub-Reggae group Zion Train. This very special remix was done together by swapping remix ideas and putting them together to make it one deep and dubby remix. Following this Dub explosion is a heavy, and very percussive, Funk explosion by longtime Switchstance friend Nesho, who represents the Optik InFunktion crew from Sarajevo. This is urban Breakbeat Funk at it´s best, rough and ready!!! And finalising this remix album it´s the Ancient Astronauts adding their unique flavour to Kabanjak´s “Gypsy Soul” by giving it a deep, instrumental Hip Hop twist and paying homage to their own Balkan roots. One Love!