Deela - Rumbullion

Deela - Rumbullion Cover

Artist: Deela
Cat.No: SRDR 018
Format: Digital

01. Jump Up
02. Asi Soy (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
03. Click Clap Boom
04. Scars And Bruises
05. Ruff And Tuff
06. Shakka Takka
07. Cheer A Gear Up
08. Que Será (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
09. Drumbullion
10. Sansa
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More than once, producer Ingo Möll has proven that he and the international sound of his alter ego Deela go beyond existing categories of music. But this time he is closer to the cutting edge than he might have thought. With the new album Rumbullion, Deela shows how to cook a high energy gumbo that really opens up a dancer's heart. Here, organic bass bangers are spiced up with Cumbia shakers, warm flute sounds, accordions and bouncy horn sections. Analog compression meets a variety of electronic effects applied on modern beat patterns like dembowish Moombahton.

Catchy vocal samples taken from Reggae, Hip Hop or Funk sources are the little details that make Deela's tracks so animating. But Rumbullion also offers dubwise headz music to chill and the percussive and housy Afro-Latin track “Sansa”.

“Así Soy” ('That's how I am', also released as a single) and “Que será” (“What will be”) feature the wonderful voice of Maria Garcia Lora who is known from Deela’s debut album “Mano Mano”. The andalusian singer from Cordoba based in Essen, Germany, makes sure Rumbullion gets the female voice it deserves: smooth, sexy, spanish. Well chosen latin melodies and funky harmonies cover the
bumping beats with an all-over happy vibe. Once you take a sip from this Caribbean flavoured bouillon you can't get enough. Highly addictive! The album will be released digitally on September 21st by
Switchstance Recordings.

International Feedback:

“Beautiful stuff, straight into the radio show” – Audio Texture (BBE Records Radio / Spain)

“Great, I love it!!!” – Fabian Stenzel (Ear Catcher / Germany)

"FUEGO! So good ... I would love to remix this!" - Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe / USA)

“Fresh Latin Grooves” – Danny Massure (USA)

“Just up my Summer-Alley! Always lovin’ the Deela Sound” – René Josquin (We Are On Air / Germany)

“It’s summer!” – Denny Seeber (Kölner Illustrierte / Germany)

„Pure dancefloor shakers!“ – Renegades Of Jazz (Germany)

“That's global bass! the tight production along with deep analog sounds and latin attire sets the dancefloor on fire, hotter than jalapeño!” – Musco Antonino (USA)