Deela - Ruhrfahrt EP

Deela - Ruhrfahrt EP Artwork

Artist: Deela
Cat.No: SR12 009
Format: 12" & Digital

01. Azua Azua (Latin Funk Remix)
02. Power Gone (feat. Shocking Murray, Maiiah & Mango Juice)
03. Birds Are Singing
04. Danube Bird (8Bit Mix)
05. Heartbreaker
06. Take U Higher
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Welcome to the Ruhrfahrt of Deela!


Switchstance Recordings artist Deela come up with their first solo EP that serves as a teaser for their forthcoming album „Mano Mano“. These guys already did remixes for Mo´ Horizons, Issa Bagayogo, Greg Long and many more. Ingo Moell and Martin Morsch are the two people behind Deela who melt analogue with digital sounds to receive their own organic modern funk sound. Multiinstrumentalist Ingo Moell plays guitar, bass, harmonica, keys and some other instruments and is also known as Kabanjak, one of the two main producers of Switchstance Recordings. He is responsible for other Switchstance remixes for artists such as Fort Knox Five, The Jungle Brothers, Up Bustle & Out, etc. Martin Morsch is a classicly educated drummer and percussionist. Both they are from germany´s Ruhrarea. So come and take a ride through the multikulti soundscapes of the Ruhrarea:


The Ruhrfahrt EP is 6-track summary of what these two guys are heading at (musicwise). It contains heavy Latin and Afrofunk Rhythms that point directly to the dancefloor, with lots of percussions and live drum breaks that are representative for the unique groove of Deela. For the first time Deela did an excursion into the fields of consciuos Reggae and met with jamaican Reggae artist Shocking Murray and german artists Maiiah and Mango Juice to cry out their understanding of outernational Reggae music. One love to all the people!!!


Next to Deela´s excursion into the world of Reggae, Latin and Afrofunk are some cuban Downtempo grooves and straight Uptempo Funk rhythms, always filled with their own trademark of dirty drums, heavy percussions and funky bass. The Ruhrfahrt EP showcases Deela at it´s best. It´s a diversity of Grooves and Rhythms strictly aimed at the dancefloor.