Deela - Mano Mano

Deela - Mano Mano Artwork

Artist: Deela
Cat.No: SRCD 005 / SRLP 005
Format: CD, 2LP & Digital

01. Mountains & Stars
02. One Eyed Captain
03. Killo (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
04. Hole In The Sun
05. All There Is
06. Uciekam (feat. Kasia Bortnik)
07. Obrigado
08. Power Gone (feat. Shocking Murray, Maiiah & Mango Juice)
09. 7 Nights A Week
10. Radio Deela
11. Absourdo
12. Take It Slow
13. Esperame (feat. Miriam Suarez Argueta)
14. Quierez Corazon (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
15. For What You Are (feat. Mango Juice)
16. Naked (feat. Inga Lühning) [Mano Mano Mix]
17. Local Deela (feat. Mango Juice)
18. Parero (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
19. King Alpha & Queen Omega (feat. Mango Juice)
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„Mano Mano“, the debutalbum of Deela, is a remarkable result of hard work. Producer Ingo Möll had a crash of his computer during the production process – which in the end turned out as a good thing. He was forced to write new songs as he thought his work was already finished, but the energy of the new situation moved him into another state of creativity. He quickly reinvited some of his guest  musicians and did a fabulous job on the new songs. He has put a lot of enthusiasm into "Mano Mano" which you can easily hear through the very natural sound throughout the whole album.


Ingo Möll has gained a lot of experiences through his production work as Kabanjak. Besides his own tracks, he did several sought after remixes for international acts and friends like Fort Knox Five, Up, Bustle & Out and All Good Funk Alliance. He even worked with the Jungle Brothers in his own studio in Moers. Deela have also put their hands together on some heavy Remixes. The most popular ones are Mo' Horizons "Como E O Var" and a remix for famous world musician Issa Bagayogo on 6 Degrees Recordings.


Deela's sound  is the organic groove of a real live band. They work with originally played instruments and then add some special flavors in the studio. "Mano Mano" varies between downtempo tracks and more uplifting tunes. The ballad "Naked", a cooperation with Re:Jazz-Singer Inga Lühning, is followed by the grooving "Local Deela" with Reggae newcomer Mango Juice on the mic. For "Mano Mano", Mango Juice cooperated with Deela on five tracks. "Power Gone" features him and Shocking Murray as MC and the soulful voice of Maiiah. Watch out: This song is supposed to be one of the great summer hits in 2007 and was recorded in the studio of famous German componist Tim Isfort, by the way.


The international flair of "Mano Mano" is the result of a long process of work as producers. Deela play a wide range of instruments on their own. Guitars, bass, melodicas, keys and pianos were played by Ingo Möll himself, Martin Morsch plays most of the drums and percussions. Ingo was busy as hell during the last years and came into touch with very different influences. The result is "Mano Mano", an energetic piece of music with excellent beats and tastes of several musical genres that melt into one unique sound.


Deela invited the polish singer Kasia Bortnik for the track "Uciekam" which features Tim Isfort again on double bass. The spanish vocalist Maria Garcia Lora is featured on five tracks like the cool grooving "Radio Deela". This dancefloor stomper was worked out with the Ancient Astronauts who also helped producing the following "Absourdo".


"Mano Mano" defines his own musical world. The eclectic sound of Deela culminates in dancefloor smashers like "For What You Are". Nevertheless, the album develops it´s own atmosphere with chilling tunes to more energetic tracks. You can easily hang out with the Deelas, but they will force you to move your hips as well if you once got the point. Deela simply wrote the soundtrack for this summer. You can imagine hot nights in a club or the slow chillout on a lazy sunday morning , "Mano Mano" fits into all these situations. Deela just know how to fill your life with music – they put real soul to their creativity. Enjoy!