Deela - Everything Counts EP

Deela - Everything Counts EP Artwork

Artist: Deela
Cat.No: SR12 012
Format: Vinyl & Digital

01. One Eyed Captain (Radio Citizen Remix)
02. Da Place I Know (feat. Fire Tongue)
03. All There Is (Kid Loco Remix)
04. Shelta Blues
05. Ritmo Do Bimba
06. Goin' Down
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“Everything Counts” is the title of the newest EP by Deela, one of the most consistent acts in the fine artist roster of Switchstance Recordings. Released in both physical (a heavy slack of vinyl with four deeply engraved tracks for extra flamboyance) and (with 2 bonus tracks, real value for money) digital form, Everything Counts highlights the various shades of Deela as well as showcasing some other great artists' contributions to Deela's tracks.

One Eyed Captain (Radio Citizen Remix) originally appeared on Deela's album Mano Mano. Here, Berlin's Radio Citizen (of Ubiquity fame) make the jam very much their own.

Da Place I Know marks the first cooperation of Deela and Fire Tongue, a modern afrobeat activist from Paris. Together, they create a unique, very atmospheric and danceable song.

All There Is (Kid Loco Remix) in its original form also appeared on Mano Mano. The French Don takes the song and gives it a polished sheen that's appealing to many floors.

Shelta Blues incorporates, as all Blues does, heavy vibes from other music forms – in this case, it's a deep, warm and echo-laden Dub. Plus the Harp from Outer Space. Dope!

Ritmo Do Bimba, a sun-drenched latin affair, and the funky Going Down both feature the lines of Miriam Frank, a gifted young flutist who has become a staple among Deela collaborators.