Deela - Best Of

Best Of Deela

Artist: Deela
Cat.No: SRDR 013
Format: Digital

01. Azua Azua (Latin Funk Mix)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Parero (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
04. Shelta Blues
05. African Chant (Pt. II)
06. Absourdo
07. Try, Try And Try
08. Quierez Corazon (feat. Maria Garcia Lora)
09. Ritmo Do Bimba
10. Blackness Of The Sun
11. Enjoy
12. Conceicao (Straight Up Mix)
13. King Alpha & Queen Omega (feat. Mango Juice)
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A celebrated Switchstance Recordings act from Day One, Deela brings together all that is to love about the label:

Mastermind Ingo Moell's musical roots are as varied as his tracks are playful, and he shows himself always willing and able to connect unexpected sonic dots where they fit perfectly. Coming from a culture of playing live, that's how it's done in the Deela studio to this day – all parts are recorded with real instruments and then fed into the machines, achieving a highly characteristic, organic spectrum of sounds and grooves that is inspired by the greatest artists in Afro, Latin, Jazz, Funk and Soul. Call it World Music if you like, for Deela's productions are embracing cultural and musical traditions across all five continents – but this is a modern world, bright and full of possibilities.

Apart from many original tracks that make the project a staple of Switchstance Recordings' fine artist roster, Deela has remixed artists as diverse as Diesler, Mo' Horizons or Issa Bagayogo, adding his very own kind of positivity to tracks that leave dancefloors around the globe yearning for more. But don't worry – even though these grooves might be heavily addictive, what's been said about Deela nearly a decade ago still hits the spot now:

This Deela's got the healthiest dope around!