Protassov has pleased our ears and minds with his very own definition of Breakbeats for more than a decade now. His debut album „Shalina Music“ (2008) gained international attention and appealed to music lovers, fellow musicians and the critics.


“ I remember sitting in the back of my parents car, maybe at the age of 6, and suddenly „Bakerstreet“ from Gerry Rafferty came on the radio. I was instantly mesmerized. I felt that piece of music from tip to toe. Back home i begged my parents to buy that album, which they luckily did, and from that day on, music was my religion.“


Soon after that initial experience Stefan picked up an old guitar and taught himself to play a few chords: That was the start of his journey as a musician. Stefan played in several bands, breaking the barriers from punk to techno and step by step he evolved his musical alter ego Protassov.


Stefan Fuß was born and raised in Essen, a city deep in the heart of the coalmining area in Germany.


„Protassov is a hiding place to me. Protassov is rough, loud and choleric. But at the same time he is soft, warm and caring. He embodies everything that i feel when listening to music.“


Besides his musical work for Switchstance Recordings, Stefan travels across Europe working as a technician and sound designer for dance ensembles and theater festivals. Protassov’s musical journey is just about to begin: After three EP’s, a full length album and various remix duties, he concentrates working on a new full length album for 2013.


„…it sounds great. Like early Quantic/Bonobo stuff in parts which is no bad thing. Good production and „I Wonder“, the tune with Bajka & the one called 'wake up' are great!!“ - Diesler (Freestyle Records/UK)


„..Jazzy downtempo grooves from Germany’s Protassov, tasty stuff indeed.“ - Toph One (XL8R Magazine)






tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SRDR 006_Protassov_Money Train_small.jpg Do You Ride The Money Train?
Where We Live EP Where We Live EP
tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SR12 011 - Protassov - Steam & Oil EP small.jpg Steam & Oil EP
tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SR12 006- Kabanjak meets Protassov - Grow EP 1 small.jpg Grow EP 1
tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SR12 007 - Kabanjak meets Protassov - Grow EP 2 small.jpg Grow EP 2
Best Of Protassov Best Of Protassov
tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SRCD 006 - Protassov - Shalina Music small.jpg Shalina Music
Grow Grow





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