If there were „Surgeon General’s Warning” stickers on records, it’d most probably go something like this for Deela: „This music can cause sore feet and an ear-to-ear smile. Observed long-term effects include mildly melancholic to wildly euphoric states of mind.”


Deela has been one of the more productive brainchildren of Ingo Moell for about a decade now. A musician to the core, Moell works from his own studio located in the mellow heart of the lower Rhine area of Germany. But Deela is not an aseptic studio effort: As in most of his other projects – Moell also works under the Kabanjak moniker and is one half of the recently ESL Music-signed duo Ancient Astronauts – he works with a multitude of instruments and musicians for a distinct live feel that gets refined with modern studio trickery.




Deela’s sound is the organic groove of a real live band, incorporating styles like Funk, HipHop, Jazz, Afrobeat or Latin. This makes for a culturally diverse „world music” that covers a range from downtempo excursions to dancefloor-directed scorchers. After all, Moell is also an experienced DJ who knows what works for the soul as well as for the legs.


In the past, Deela have collaborated with renowned and diverse acts such as The Jungle Brothers, Diesler, Issa Bagayogo or Mo’ Horizons. Releases by Deela include several EPs and the full-length album „Mano Mano” on Switchstance Recordings. Tracks by Deela have been remixed by Kid Loco and Radio Citizen so far.


Don’t fear the highly addictive qualities of this man, his many associates and combined efforts – this Deela offers only the healthiest dope known to mankind: Music!






Deela - We Dance To Forget EP We Dance To Forget EP
tl_files/Website/stuff/releases/Releases small/SR12 012 - Deela - Everything Counts EP small.jpg Everything Counts EP
Ruhrfahrt EP Ruhrfahrt EP
Best Of Deela Best Of Deela
Mano Mano Mano Mano






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