Since 2007 guitar player David Weicht, drummer Fabian Fahrig and bass player Sascha Jörres were travelling continuousily in their spaceship until they collided with a meteor and were forced to land on planet Earth. Together they’ve built up a cosmodrome for the repairing of their spaceship and to gain information about the life on Earth.


After a while they repaired their spacecraft in lightspeed and were ready to set off from planet Earth. After rocketing to an altitude between sky and space they felt miserable to leave the planet without a message, so they’ve decided to travel between earth and space to share their feelings and knowledge in form of music, to make it more understandable for the human beings.



In 2009 they went to their cosmodrome with sound wizard Beray Habip (The Bonny Situation) and created their first manifest, called „Eartheption EP“, a sound document of a subject that fell on planet Earth. From then the course of the group is determined to translate the language of space and to keep the balance between progressiv and straight.





Eartheption Remix EP Eartheption Remix EP


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