Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass And Time

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Artist:   Ancient Astronauts
Cat.No: SRDR 030
Format: Digital


1.         Bass And Time

2.         Still A Soldier

3.         The Shining (featuring Azeem)

4.         Impossible

5.         Anti Pop Song

6.         Don’t Stop (featuring Raashan Ahmad)

7.         Worldwide

8.         Eternal Searching (featuring W Ellington Felton)

9.         Peace In The East (featuring Entropik)

10.       Calvert Street Rock

11.       Give It To You (featuring Monsoon)

12.       Rocket Science

13.       Last Night (featuring Akua Naru)

14.       Bitter Hypnotic (featuring Phat Old Mamas)

15.       Nocturne




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Prepare for a kaleidoscopic journey into bass and time! The Ancient Astronauts return once again from the far reaches of the musical cosmos with their stellar new sophomore album. Released by ESL Music in early 2011, Into Bass and Time sees the Astronauts take their vintage-meets-future block party aesthetic and blast off to new frontiers. The Astronauts are not alone in their journey however, as they bring along a solid crew of MCs, vocalists, and turntablists for the intergalactic ride.



Akua Naru and Phat Old Mamas lend a haunting feminine edge to “Last Night” and “Bitter Hypnotic,” while MC’s Azeem and Raashan Ahmad drop sonic bombs on fire-starters “The Shining” and “Don’t Stop.” From hard driving hip-hop, to funky breakbeat, to righteous dancehall reggae, to late night smokers’ trip-hop, Into Bass and Time is a sonic rocket ship ride not to be missed!