Ancient Astronauts - Break My Heart In 2 

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Artist: Ancient Astronauts

Cat.No: SRDR 035

Format: digital download 


01. Break My Heart In 2




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Ancient Astronauts - Break My Heart In 2


When Ancient Astronauts released 'Break My Heart In 2' as a free download on Soundcloud about 4 years ago they never expected it to be such an overnight success. Not even 24 hours later the song had more then 30.000 plays and climbed to number 1 in the Hype Machine charts. Until now it has over 230.000 plays on Soundcloud alone and hundreds of thousand plays on Youtube. 


Now after 4 years Switchstance Recordings decided to give the song a proper digital release so it can be streamed through all digitally available platforms worldwide. 





Release: July 12th, 2017