Ancient Astronauts & Azeem - None Of The Above 

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Artist: Ancient Astronauts & Azeem

Cat.No: SRDR 037

Format: digital download 


01. None Of The Above feat. Mustafa Akbar

02. None Of The Above (Instrumental)




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Ancient Astronauts & Azeem - None Of The Above


After collaborations on the Ancient Astronauts albums 'We Are To Answer' and 'Into Bass And Time', Kabanjak's album 'Tree Of Mystery' as well as Azeem's short movies 'God's Rolex' and 'POSTERA' it was time for a full album by Ancient Astronauts & Azeem. 


It took years in the making but here is the first single 'None Of The Above' which features the vocal talent of Mustafa Akbar from Nappy Riddem, who is also known for his collaborations with Fort Knox Five and many more. 


The full album 'BROKEN PUPPETS' will drop on September 29th 2017 featuring Hip Hop legends Divine Styler and HPRIZM (Anti-Pop Consortium), DJ Brace (DMC Online World Champion), Ugandan Reggae artist Blessed San and Mustafa Akbar (Nappy Riddem).



Release: September 1st, 2017