Judges (Kabanjak Remix) 

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Artist: Amlak Redsquare

Cat.No: SRDR 036

Format: digital download 


01.Judges (Kabanjak Remix)

02.Judges (Kabanjak Remix Instrumental)




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Amlak Redsquare - Judges (Kabanjak Remix)


Jamaican singer Amlak Redsquare, the nephew of legendary Dancehall artist Spragga Benz, is an upcoming energetic Reggae artist with a strong political dissent in his music.


After performing on the same Reggae event in Cologne as Switchstance Recordings head Tom Strauch that meeting resulted in a vocal feature on Kabanjak´s latest release „Dubs & Downs“. However that collaboration was just the start for more to come.


While having his solo album „Book Of Judges“ out making heavy rotation in the international Reggae world Amlak asked Kabanjak to do a remix for his title track „Judges“. That one come out so strong that it was an easy decision to give it it´s own proper release.


Being big time Reggae heads we here at Switchstance Recordings are happy to present this uplifting but same time socially critical artist who brings back the positive power and guidance of the original Rastafari movement. Welcome to the world of Amlak Redsquare!



Release: August 4th, 2017