Aeronautix - Eartheption Remix EP

Aeronautix - Eartheption Remix EP Artwork

Artist: Aeronautix
Cat.No: SRDR 005
Format: Digital

01. 7 Orbits (Protassov Remix)
02. Picture Of A Fallen Bird (Kabanjak Remix)
03. Veda Noir (Astroboter & Kabanjak Remix)
04. Irrealis Life (Kabanjak Remix)
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The Aeronautix' first EP 'Eartheption' on Switchstance Recordings showcased this tight young trio's unique style of meandering between Post-, Space- and even Kraut-Rock, delivering four beautiful stories of life between Earth and Orbit while also opening new ground for the renowned label from the German Ruhr area.

Now the Switchstance stalwart producers and remixers Protassov and Kabanjak alongside new talent Astroboter tell their very own versions of these tales – on the exclusive 'Eartheption Remix EP'.
It's always been obvious that Protassov has more than a grain of Kraut inside him, ever since we floated right under the ceiling at his remote Mechano Tonatelier located in the industrial heart of the Ruhr area while listening to old Silver Apples records. Add to this some nicely selected samples, a shovel of Unkle-esque drum mayhem and you're already halfway into his crafty, dreamy remix of '7 Orbits'.

A Switchstance Recordings artist from Day One, Kabanjak is that rare creature among musicians: Schooled in Blues and Rock, he has also had his share of long and sweaty club nights and knows his vinyl from years of DJ sets – not least as part of the label's own duo Ancient Astronauts (ESL Music) who are taking off on an international level right now – and combines all this in his own unique production and remix styles.

For his remix of 'Picture Of A Fallen Bird' Kabanjak digs deep into the Aeronautix' soundscapes, re-painting their picture and shaping it up to his very own climax. Together with new talent Astroboter, he transforms the song 'Veda Noir' into a dramatic train of thought on the modern age of cybernetics. Finally, for his remix of 'Irrealis Life', he returns to the original Rock patterns of the Aeronautix while rendering the song almost floaty with versatile percussion and detailed sound effects.

A fresh and bold collection of remixes from well-seasoned producers for a talented new generation of Switchstance Recordings artists – sometimes it all comes together just fine!